Selling and buying old computers

It's easy to sell your old computer on eBay if you're upgrading hardware or simply get rid of it. However, there are plenty of other options to earn the most money for your used computer, including trade-in and buy-back websites.

PCSwaps, for example, allows you to trade or sell your computer for free. The site will also assist you determine the value of your equipment based on the current market prices. To maximize your sales ensure you take high-quality photographs of your hardware from a variety of angles and include a detailed description, including any known issues or damage. You can also increase the chances of selling by adding other accessories, like a monitor or printer.

Craigslist is a different option. It's easy to set up profiles and place an ad. However, beware of scammers and low-ball offers as well as the time commitment to manage the listing.

Selling your computer read here can be a concern because someone could steal your personal information and could lead to identity theft. So be sure to clean your system and delete any applications that are not used, especially ones that contain sensitive data like financial accounts or passwords. It is also recommended to delete any backup files hidden in the system that might contain identifying information.

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