A board management tool lets board members to share and collaborate on documents easily before or after meetings. Streamlined communication between boards and the ability to review documents and other materials prior to meetings means that boards are better prepared for their meetings, and they can take decisions quickly and efficiently.

Board directors used to have to depend on paper-based and digital tools which were not specifically designed to control the flow of information during board meetings. These outdated methods can cause failures, a lack clarity about expectations for meeting and disengaged members. Board management software helps organizations transition from paper to digital. It also enhances efficiency in the planning and execution of meetings and increases the efficiency between meetings.

When choosing the best board portal for your business, consider what features are most important to you. For example, if you want to streamline the scheduling of meetings, look for solutions that offer simple, visual calendar tools. If you need to conduct virtual video meetings, choose the best solution that comes with high-quality video conferencing capabilities as well as document synchronization.

If you want to facilitate discussion during a virtual conference ensure that the solution includes polling and discussion tools. The ability to ask questions and get immediate responses from other board members is a powerful feature that will help you lead the right discussions during the meeting. Nonprofit boards will also find it useful in the ability to create and approve minutes of meetings following the meeting.

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