When evaluating antivirus software you must consider the entire package. This includes the program's performance in tests conducted by third parties, and also what it does to protect your privacy. For example, some antivirus programs are bundled with potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. These programs may alter your user hugedatainfo.com experience in unwanted ways, for instance by displaying ads or changing the default search engine you use. They could also consume system resources or install additional apps without your consent. G Data does an excellent job at keeping these invasive applications to an absolute minimum. However it doesn't have the ability to block these apps completely.

G Data's antivirus scanner is fantastic. It detects malware and eradicates it, thanks to a two-engine scanner. It also checks the properties of files and blocks exploits to prevent criminals from taking over computers. BankGuard, a component of the software, guards online banking and digital transactions by detecting encryption Trojans. Anti-spam protection helps keep your inbox clean and parental control allows you to manage your children's use of the Internet.

The software offers cloud backup and shredding, which means deleted files can't get retrieved by criminals. It also comes with an ad-blocker and an alarm system that checks all incoming and outgoing data for spyware and hackers. You can also add an VPN to your package too. It was a bit tricky to navigate through the menus though. The menu titles don't always appear immediately, and switching between modules may take somewhat.

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