Drew Barrymore, a reputation that echoes via the world of Hollywood, has not only enchanted us together with her exceptional appearing talents but has also captivated us with her eventful dating history. From passionate romances to heartbreaking breakups, Barrymore's love life has been a rollercoaster experience that has kept tabloids and followers on their toes. In this text, we will take a deep dive into Drew Barrymore's courting journey, exploring her previous relationships, marriages, and the lessons she has realized alongside the means in which.

Drew Barrymore's Teens: Young Love and Early Heartbreak

As one of the industry's most iconic baby stars, Drew Barrymore's journey via love started at a young age. Just like several teenager, she skilled the exhilarating highs and devastating lows of young love. Back in the early Nineties, Barrymore briefly dated Corey Feldman, her co-star in the film "License to Drive." Although their relationship was short-lived, it was a significant milestone in Barrymore's dating history.

Drew's Dalliance with Famous Exes

Following her break up from Feldman, Barrymore started courting musician and actor, Jamie Walters. Their relationship, however, also resulted in a breakup. It turned obvious that Barrymore often found herself interested in famous companions link who shared her passion for the leisure industry.

As her career grew, Barrymore's romantic life took a flip when she had a high-profile relationship with actor and comic Tom Green. Their whirlwind romance culminated in marriage within the year 2001. However, the union proved to be short-lived, and the couple separated just a few months later.

Marriages and Divorces: Testing the Waters

Despite experiencing heartache, Drew Barrymore has by no means shied away from taking an opportunity on love. She has been married three times, with every marriage bringing its personal set of challenges and lessons.

1. Jeremy Thomas: A Brief Encounter

In 1994, on the tender age of 19, Barrymore married Welsh bartender turned Los Angeles bar owner, Jeremy Thomas. The marriage, nonetheless, lasted for under 39 days. Despite its brevity, the relationship taught Barrymore the significance of patience, self-reflection, and the necessity for a robust foundation before committing to a lifelong partnership.

2. Tom Green: The Unconventional Union

Barrymore's second marriage, this time to Tom Green, highlighted the unpredictable nature of affection. Green, identified for his outlandish humor, was a stark distinction to Barrymore's easy-going nature. The two tied the knot in 2001, however their differences ultimately led to their separation just five months later. Though the wedding was transient, Barrymore embraced the expertise as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

3. Will Kopelman: A Journey of Love and Family

In 2012, Drew Barrymore walked down the aisle for the third time, this time with artwork consultant Will Kopelman. Their marriage resulted in the birth of two lovely daughters, Olive and Frankie. Despite their efforts to make the connection work, the couple introduced their separation in 2016 and officially divorced in 2017. Through the ups and downs of her marriage with Kopelman, Barrymore discovered valuable classes about resilience, co-parenting, and the importance of open communication.

Love Beyond Marriages: A Dating Timeline

While Drew Barrymore's marriages have made headlines, her relationship history additionally includes a collection of high-profile relationships and flings. Let's take a better take a look at a few of the vital romantic connections she has had exterior of marriage:

1. Luke Wilson: A Blossoming Romance

Barrymore's relationship with actor Luke Wilson gained important attention in the late Nineteen Nineties. The couple's chemistry was evident each on and off-screen, as they starred collectively within the romantic comedy "Home Fries." Although their romance lasted just a year, their connection left a lasting impression on each actors.

2. Fabrizio Moretti: Sparks and Artistic Passion

Following her break up from Wilson, Barrymore found love within the arms of Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Their relationship, which lasted from 2002 to 2007, showcased the deep bond fashioned by way of their shared creative passions. The couple's breakup, whereas undoubtedly heartbreaking, taught Barrymore the importance of nurturing individual growth inside a relationship.

3. Justin Long: The On-Again, Off-Again Love

Actor Justin Long grew to become a significant a half of Barrymore's life, each on and off the screen. The couple dated from 2007 to 2010 and then briefly rekindled their romance in 2010 before finally calling it quits for good. Their on-again, off-again relationship highlighted the complexities of love, the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship, and the significance of self-care throughout difficult occasions.

4. David Hutchinson: A Short-lived Connection

In 2017, rumors circulated that Barrymore was courting senior vp of Maesa Marketing, David Hutchinson. While the connection rapidly fizzled out, it serves as a reminder that not all connections are supposed to final. Sometimes, the most valuable lessons come from the fleeting moments and short-lived encounters in our relationship journeys.

5. Will Kopelman: A Shared History

After their divorce, Drew Barrymore maintained an amicable relationship together with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, for the sake of their children. While they have moved on to new relationships, the bond shaped by way of their shared historical past is a testomony to the importance of mutual respect and co-parenting.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Drew Barrymore's courting history has been a tapestry of affection, heartbreak, and private growth. Through her experiences, she has learned invaluable lessons about herself, relationships, and the complexities of love. Here are a quantity of takeaways from Barrymore's colorful relationship journey:

Drew Barrymore's relationship history serves as a reminder that love is a complex journey filled with highs and lows. As she continues to navigate the landscapes of romance, we are in a position to all be taught from her experiences and embrace the teachings she has graciously shared with the world. After all, every chapter in our private dating histories provides depth, shade, and resilience to the tapestry of our lives.


  1. Who was Drew Barrymore's first celebrity boyfriend?
    Drew Barrymore's first superstar boyfriend was actor Corey Feldman. They dated within the late Eighties after meeting on the set of their film "The Lost Boys."

  2. Did Drew Barrymore ever date her "Charlie's Angels" co-star, Cameron Diaz?
    No, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz never dated. Despite their shut friendship and dealing collectively on a quantity of films, together with the "Charlie's Angels" franchise, they've always maintained a platonic relationship.

  3. What famous musician did Drew Barrymore famously date within the 1990s?
    During the 1990s, Drew Barrymore had a well-known relationship with musician and guitarist Eric Erlandson, who was a member of the choice rock band Hole, fronted by Courtney Love. Their relationship lasted for a couple of years.

  4. Who did Drew Barrymore marry and divorce within the early 2000s?
    In 2001, Drew Barrymore married comedian and actor Tom Green, identified for his quirky humor and his stint on MTV's "The Tom Green Show." However, their marriage ended in divorce just a 12 months later in 2002.

  5. Has Drew Barrymore ever dated any of her co-stars from romantic comedies?
    Yes, Drew Barrymore has had a historical past of dating her co-stars from romantic comedies. She dated Justin Long after they appeared collectively in "He's Just Not That Into You" and in addition had a relationship with Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for The Strokes, whereas they worked on "Music and Lyrics."

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