Sherry merchant Courses
Sherry merchant Courses

Sherry merchant Courses

Miss Sherry Merchant is a Fortune Teller, she is an Expert of Chinese Metaphysics. She Wanted to have a Website for  her Organization. Following her directions we Designed and Developed a Website for her which consists of an Introductory text about her work and Organization on the Home Page.

The Website also contains a Store where she is selling her Prediction calendars for her customers online. She is also selling Courses online online for those who want to learn about Chinese Metaphysics (Gua), there is also a Page for Free Courses but this page is restricted only for registered visitors.

The Website also contains two Prediction Calculators. One calculator can be used find out Gua number of an individual with respect to his gender and Date of Birth. The second calculator is use to identify the relationship ranking between two individual with respect to their Gua number.

On the Website the Visitors can also create their account and Profile. Also there are Pages for monthly videos. Each month new videos are released on these pages.

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